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* Citoyens assemblies of Gustavo Marín

With a aymara nose, Chilean Spanish, a Latin-American smile, a nourished glance of its international experiment with the citizens networks, Gustavo tells us the why and the how of current need to create a dialogue between the citizens and the emergence of the citizens assemblies in various parts of the world.

* Following the wind of Patagonia

If there is something that never gives up in Patagonia, it is for sure the wind ! So sympathic when it is in the back and how catastrophic when it comes in front. It gives forms to the pickled landscapes of the pampa, makes a strong noise and suddenly stops. But there is always always a little frou-frou remaining and its movement. Fly !

* The new destiny of Zanella

She is called Zanella. It is her original name, as her motor that is also original. She’s got a motor of 50 cm3 and she waited a new life since the years 1990 in Rio Gallegos in Patagonia. It is done ! With the festive and intensive partnership of the garage El Camino and of the foundation Rincon del Arte of Rio Gallegos, she is got a new destiny. Ignition !

* China in 29 moons

China is so huge ! The continent in the shape of red crescent is 5 200 by 5 500 km and provides so many diversities, contrasts, lengths and other scales of landscape. Here are twenty nine slides, one lunar cycle according to the Chinese tradition, a hundred of pictures that are far from saying everything that is China ! They just say something we tried to catch during our meeting with it !

* Meetings in Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan is in crisis with its internal policy and we can say with all the fields of its governance : legitimacy of decisions and government, governance of the international help, of the university, of knowledge, of economy. Nevertheless, as anywhere else in Central Asia, the society seems to be involved to change things if we believe these following testimonies (english - french).

* Rekaya believes in the power of knowledge

Score excedeed ! At 21 years of age, Rekaya is english teacher in the international relations department of the Osh’s technological university of Kyrgyzstan. Very fresh and new, she has been working since September 2005. She is strongly involved in her job and would like to change the presently staggering university. So, how is it with your first job Rekaya ? (english - français).

* Those bikers we see on the road

All touring cyclists dream about wild East, about rises of sun and authentic moments with inhabitants of a cottage warmed with a wood heater. It is for that we meet them on the same road ! The one which connects West and East, from Turkey to Samarkand, until Kashgar and the beginnings of huge China (français - english)

* High-lights, wild eyes and smiles of Central Asia

Central Asia is impressive for its melting-pot of people and landscapes. By traveling, it is like a slow diaporama filled with pictures of smiles, faces, short instants, surprises, shadows, shapes and lights of the oriental world. That’s why we are happy to present you a patchwork of what we remind deeply in our memory and our eyes. Let’s see !

* Meetings in Tashkent

Who moves the society in Uzbekistan? Our task was particularly difficult : the associative tissue is not very dense, the access to the governmental workers quiet hard, and we give to our partners to give us a global view of their society is obviously limited. Nevertheless, our meetings, if they were not numerous, were definitely interesting and fruitful (english - french).

* Sas, kebab and fun !

We were looking for a kebab in the town of Erzurum in the far east of Turkey and, on the way, we found one sas player in his music shop watching and listening the clock ticking. Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc. After five minutes, another sas player jointed us, we went together in the dark corner of a kebab restaurant, the juke-box kicked in and the clock stopped in time !

* One night with the uzbek singers

It is not so easy to find the singer using the melody of a stringed instruments in the night spots of Tashkent. Regardless, there are some artists, similar to the musical style of Brassens or Renaud in France, who gather during the evening to play russian and uzbek melodies. This night, we found them in the guitar club of Tashkent (video and music).

* Singing at night at the kyrgyz border

Most of time, the borders are cold, anonymus and the atmosphere is one of suspicion. But this time, it was the twenty - fifth, the custom officers broke down the barriers and one of them, easily the most imposing one, as the night was falling from his custom wagon, realised his song. Play !

* Like a rainbow of thoughts and desires

If you are foreigner and if you are visiting Iran, the Iranian young people will always manage to catch you in the street like the a rain shower can run after you and rinses you completely. They jump on you with testimonies, many many confidences about their thoughts and their desires, as a rainbow surprises you and warms your heart.

* Bitternesses and hopes of two Iranian women

Live on two floors. All Iranians do like this with more or less of success, breakage, hope, sense and resistance. But resistance, abnormality, creativity, attempt - error, what is in fact relative to freedom, are not really welcomed. Choices, perspectives and area of the life are limited. Farnaz and Shiva, two friends between thirty and forty, are witnessing.

* What do you like Farnaz ? Writing of course !

Farnaz uses her sensitive hand to write long and short stories telling what is happening in our human internal continent. What happens deep inside when we love, when we dream, when we hope, when we are sad, when all around you in Iran is breaking you down and when you begin to become like a new kind of human rock ? Here are three little stories. They will be completed in the future by others creation of her as she promised to us.

* What is Traversees ?

What is Traversees ? What are our aims ? How are we doing ? With whom ? Who are our partners ? Where do we go ? Here is a little summary of what we intend to do during 3 years of travelling around the world.

* Meetings in Tehran

New stop in Tehran. After ten days of race in the labyrinthic streets of the city of 8 millions inhabitants, here are the testimonies of the University and social welfare and rehabilitation, the National Youth Organization, the Student’s association, the School of public health and some citizens : Negin, Farah and Hassan.

* A Shida’s story : The traveler

We met Shida in Tehran and she wrote this story for travelers... « As a child I had a small map of world glob, when I cupped it in my small hand, I felt so safe and its blue color of the seas gave me peace and calm. I used to close my eyes and turn the glob round and round...

* When women gather, Turkey changes

How to allow the women to transform the society and to participate in decision making process ? How to strengthen the capacities of the women to involve in the political environment particularly dominated by the men ? Co-founder of the independent Kader association, Selma Acuner, supplies with it an example by supporting women to enter the political life and to transform the society. Let’s go !

* Meetings in Ankara

Stop in Ankara. 0505 345 67 80. Gün hayden ! We are french and we would like to meet you... 7.00 PM. Marefal Cacmak cadde. OK!. After some searches, hazardous coincidences sometimes, we have now some ideas about social life and habits of Turkey. Here is our "carnet de bord" of about fifteen days spent in the arms of the capital.

* Fikret Baskaya reviews a capitalized world

Sociologist and economist, activist for a while, Fikret Baskaya tries to promote in Turkey freedom of expression and ideological reform of a world which he considers monolithic and dominated by the neo-liberal model. He explains to us his vision and presents the Free University of Ankara in which he "re-interrogates" models and develops new reflections.
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