The Point Newspaper - Wednesday, May 26, 2004

French Nationals on Educational World Tour on Wheels
By Alhagie Mbye

Two French nationals, François Soulard and William Leroy, both in their early thirties who have embarked on a world-wide tour are currently in The Gambia on a two-week long visit. The duo who have already crisscrossed France, Spain, Marocco, Mauritania, Senegal are executing their two-years project with the sole purpose of conducting research on politics, economic, governance, arts and culture.

Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview at their Malawi Guest House, the duo elucidated that they want to tour the world to meet people from diverse regions and interview them about how they live, their culture and the like. They said : « We want to tour the world to collect information, make films and photographs which we hope will be of great benefit to the entire world. »

Asked what impact the project will have on the world, François Soulard that they believe that the project could change the worl by consolidating cordial cooperation between people in the globe. « We want to transfuse the culture of all regions and people with a view to bringing harmony and love for one another’s culture. »

He pointed out that they are planning to write books on their adventure and also to put the outcome of their research on the web site so that everyone can benefit from it.

The duo, who are in the up country at present told this reporter that they interact with people at community level so as to gather realistic information on how they live.

The duo are the founders of a France-based NGO called Traversées Organisation whose ultimate objectives is to promote education across the globe.

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